There are many leaders who aren’t leaders at all. Some bosses, managers, supervisors, and other positions of leadership are given to people who do not know what they are doing or how to lead a successful team. Appointing a bad leader to a position of power can be detrimental to a business. In order to avoid this completely, it’s imperative to know how to identify false leadership traits:


Without a Vision 


One of the biggest indicators of a bad leader is someone who is without vision. It is impossible to have a drive when you don’t know where you are going. Without vision, there is no way a leader can inspire and push his team forward. In order to keep a team moving forward and performing to their best ability, a leader needs to give them a goal that they all aspire to achieve. Only then, can a leader truly lead.


Thinking They Know Everything


There is always a lesson that needs to be learned, no matter how high up in power to climb. Even as a leader, it’s important to understand that there is still much more to learn. In order to be successful, a leader must always be open to finding a better way of doing things. If a leader thinks they know everything, they will never learn to see their faults or how to improve. When looking to appoint someone into a new leadership role, make sure they are looking to grow and improve in their new position.


A Bad Communicator 


Someone may have the drive to be a great leader and a vision in mind but are terrible at communicating. To be successful in a leadership role, you have to be a good communicator. There is no way to achieve a vision if a leader doesn’t know how to communicate it. It’s important for them to know how to talk with their team and communicate effectively across mediums, constituencies, and environments


Only One Style of Leading 


There is no way someone can effectively lead without flexible in their ways of leading. There are some team members and obstacles that will require different types of leadership. A great leader will people able to identify the best way to lead to achieve the best outcome. If one style is used for every team member and situation, then nothing would ever get done. To be a successful leader, it’s important to have a fluid leadership style.