The role of a leader is continually evolving; each person under their direction has different traits and characteristics, as well as contrasting needs and communication styles. What is required of a leader today could be the exact opposite of what will be needed of them tomorrow. 

Leadership is also a role that relates to all fields, industries, and types of people. A woman who is considered a strong leader in the factory line may not be the best option to lead the restaurant staff at peak dinner time, and vice versa. Leadership is subjective and therefore, must continually modify itself for the situation at hand. 

Although so many hold the position of leadership, it is still a challenging role to master. Each year, bloggers list the new books to look out for that promise insight into becoming the best leader you can be. Each year, the authors bring their own take in hopes of offering a fresh and impressionable perspective. Books can vary from simple theories to memoirs to incredibly researched volumes.

As a leader, you are aware of the importance of reading materials of this type; let’s discuss the benefits of reading for adults before going into a compiled lists of influential leadership books:

  • Mental stimulation reduces (and possibly prevents) the risk of Alzheimers and Dementia
  • Helps with stress reduction
  • Increases knowledge about the self and the world
  • Increases vocabulary 
  • Improves memory
  • Increases empathy
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Reduces depressive thoughts
  • Improves sleep quality 

Now that it is clear why you should be reading let’s dive into the selections. Below you will find a variety of books: some have more reviews than others; some are newer than others; some have stood the test of time; some deal with more contemporary issues. Between them all, you should find a book that relates and speaks to you as a leader.

  • The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis. 
  • Permission to Screw Up by Kristen Hadeed, founder and CEO of Student Maid. 
  • Developing the Leader Within You 2.0 by John C. Maxwell.
  • Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos.
  • Disrupt-It-Yourself: Eight Ways to Hack A Better Business — Before the Competition Does by Simone Bhan Ahuja.
  • Faster Together by Laura Stack.
  • Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges by Amy Cuddy, social psychologist and bestselling author.
  • Humble Leadership by Edgar H. Schein, company culture expert.
  • The Innovator’s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail by Clayton M. Christensen, innovation expert.